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Why We Are Here.
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BikeNM started off as a group of likeminded individuals who sought encouragement from each other in their chosen fields. Utilising the expertise of each group member we discovered the power for massive change was possible… and we wanted to share that far and wide.

BikeNM is made up of a core of cycling enthusiasts. Some of whom are professional and semi-professional cyclists, coaches and athletes. Some of us are also mere mortals who simply love the sport.

Our aim is to share our passion of cycling with you and help you to achieve whatever goals you have regarding your fitness or cycling ability. For some, cycling is about fun, for others it is a serious sport and for others it is simply a means to keeping fit.

No matter whay cycling is for you, it is likely that at least one member of our team will share your philosophy.


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We are growing faster than ever. That is great news for us but even better news for you as there has never been a better time to join. We are adding new content to our training plans on a daily basis.

Joining us couldn’t be easier. Simply send us your details on the sign up page and we will be in touch to discuss your membership options.

We will want to talk through your wants and needs as well as your current experience and proficiency level. Once we have established this information we can start to make suggestions as to which programme you should follow.

Our plans start from £9.95 per month and go up to £49.95 per month for bespoke training. All include one to one support at varying degrees that you can use on a weekly or monthly basis and all of our plans include access to our online training programmes.

We’d love for you to join us – but if you have any questions then feel free to ask.

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