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There is nothing like pushing yourself to your limits. Our cycling training plans are designed to help you reach your goals whether it be speed or endurance you are aiming for.

At we have access to some of the best online cycling coaches the world over. As all of our coaches focus on online coaching they are able to work with hundreds of clients all over the globe – meaning you get access to coaches that are specific to your goals. As our coaches work online they are also able to offer lower prices than other cycling coaches.

Wether you are looking to improve your speed, strength or endurance – our dedicated online cycling coaching plans are perfect for helping you reach your goals.

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Bespoke Training

Depsite being an online platform, all of our training plans are bespoke to you and your training goals. We start with an in-depth discussion about what you want to achieve and work from there to create your perfect plan.


Our coaching is not just about the physical process of training. A large part of helping you to achieve your cycling goals revolves around your nutrition. Our nutritional plans will help you with all apsects of your training.

Learn Outdoor and indoor

We understand that sometimes it just isn’t possible to practice outdoors. That’s why we incorporate training that can take place indoors such as gym work and utlising exercise bikes.

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Foldable Exercise Bikes – Can They Live Up To The Task?

Foldable Exercise Bikes – Can They Live Up To The Task?

As avid cycling enthusiasts we are often looking to train for big events or just to keep our legs in tip top condition for upcoming bike rides. The trouble is, especially when living in a country like England, that the opportunities to ride during the week are few and far between if you have a day job. Throw autumn and/or winter in the equation and managing any kind of midweek bike ride is nigh on impossible.

For some cyclists the idea of using an exercise bike to train is out of the question, with some preferring to brave the cold, dark and whatever other elements the great British weather can throw at them. But for some, the thought of training in the warmth at their convenience is a good option – and we are probably in that camp too. But even if you are enamored with the idea of training on an exercise bike, there are often other hurdles to overcome – namely – the cost of the exercise bike, and having space to store it. That’s where the foldable exercise bike comes in – but are they actually any good and will it break the bank to buy one that is good enough for training purposes and not just for someone looking to start a home-based fitness regime at a beginner level?

Foldable Exercise Bikes For Training?

There is no doubt at all that folding exercise bikes have their place in the home fitness world – but just doing some light cardio on an exercise bike is generally going to be pretty different to a seasoned cyclist wanting to use one for training for the next big race. The reality is that like most things the answer to the question of whether folding exercise bikes are any good for training with is that it depends.

There are two key factors when it comes to a foldable exercise bike. Firstly, it really depends on your goals. If you are using it to give yourself a good cycling based cardio workout then yes, most of these types of exercise bikes will be great for that purpose. However, if you are using them to build strength or power then you may come a little unstuck as it is likely that you won’t find enough of a challenge to really give establish enough time under significant tension for your muscles.

The second key factor and really it links to the first is cost. There is a massively varying quality when it comes to folding exercise bikes that is usually dependent on price. If you are looking to spend under £100/$100 then you may as well give up and opt for some resistance bands (if strength is what you are looking to build). But if you have a budget of around £250/$250 then you should be able to find something a little more up to the task.

The advantages of a foldable bike are pretty clear. The main reason people buy these is so that they can fold them down and store them – in turn not needing a dedicated space to keep them permanently. However, if you do have a home gym and you have space to store a fixed upright exercise bike then it may be better to opt for something a little more sturdy and challenging.

In summary, we think foldable exercise bikes certainly have their place and if it means not training or training on a foldable bike then the latter is going to be better every time. Just be aware that you will not get your usual level of workout from a folding bike as you would from your actual bike so maybe try to plan in some outdoor rides too – not to mention that it will be a lot more fun too!



Welcome to We are here to support you in your fitness goals through our online platform and coaching. We mainly focus on cycling but whether you are brand new to the sport or a seasoned pro – or even if you are just looking to improve your fitness levels with the help of a bike or exercise bike – the chances are we can create a plan to help you hit your goals.

We have a range of coaches based in different countries across the globe who are here to support you. If strength is your thing, then we have programmes for that. If you are looking to increase your speed over short distances – then we can help. If endurance is the goal then we can create a bespoke plan to help you with that – and that includes the nutritional side of things as half the battle is won when you’re not in the saddle.

In addition to our bespoke plans, we also offer support materials including over 75 videos in our training library, over 50 healthy and nutritious meal plans to help fuel your body in the right way and we also offer one to one online coaching and motivation.

If you want to set goals and be accountable then we suggest you sign up today.

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