Renew Your BCNM Membership

Hello fellow SunCycler! 

To renew your BCNM membership you must begin by logging into the site. The login is the one created when you became a member.  You can login to the left of this page or to the right of the BCNM main page. If you forgot your username or password, no big deal. Below the login fields you can request the information you've lost or forgotten. 

If you do not have a login--you paid with check prior, or just haven't used the site before--make one, become a New Member and contact Make us aware that you're updating your past membership with this online contrubition.

Once logged in, go to the Membership menu option. Then go to 'Become a Member.' The membership form will recognize that you're a renewing member.

Thanks for Renewing your Membership with BCNM!

Choose a membership level that best suits you.

Individual Membership  - $ 20.00
Single person contribution.  
Family Membership  - $ 30.00
Household contribution.  
Bronze Sponsorship  - $ 100.00
Bronze Level  
Silver Sponsorship  - $ 250.00
Silver Level  
Gold Sponsorship  - $ 1,000.00
Gold Level  
Platinum Sponsorship  - $ 5,000.00
Name and Address

First and last name will be shared with other visitors to the site.

Your state/province and country of residence will be shared with others so folks can find others in their community.

Want to pay by Check or Money Order?

Payment instructions by check or money order can be found here.

Login to Renew Your BCNM Membership!

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